2003 Memorial for Master Kuo Lien-Ying
2003 Memorial for Master Kuo Lien-Ying
Walla Walla Wen Wu School of T'ai Chi
Walla Walla Wen Wu School of T'ai Chi
General Policies
* Wear comfortable, loose clothing that allows a full range of free movement. Tennis shoes, kung-fu slippers, or other soft-soled footwear such as wrestling shoes are allowed only in the studio with the wooden floor. For classes in the studio with the plastic dance flooring (marley floor), only bare feet or socks (preferably cotton) are allowed to be worn. (If you have dance shoes or think you have something else that is safe for the floor, please check with your instructor before wearing them out onto the floor. Thanks!)
* If you arrive late to class, please sign-in, enter quietly and try to avoid disruption of the group as much as possible. If warm-ups are in progress, simply find a place in the group and start your warm up exercises. Please start with waist rotations and proceed through the routine, doing just a few repetitions of each until you catch up with the group. If the class is past the warm-ups section, please take a few minutes to do a brief warm-up before joining in. It is possible to injure yourself if you do not take the time for at least a minimal warm-up.
* All students are encouraged to make up missed class meetings at any other class of the same style taught within the month of the absence. Please take advantage of this make-up policy so that you can stay in sync with your class group.
* If you need to miss more than one week’s worth of instruction you may need to make special arrangements to get caught up with sequential material. Please check with your instructor.
* You must be sure to sign-in on the roll for every class which you attend to ensure that you receive proper credit for classes.
Payment & Cost
* Payments are due at the first class meeting each month. You may make payments monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually. We are willing to accommodate special needs and other arrangements may be possible, but must be arranged in advance and on a case-by-case basis. Please check with your instructor if you have questions. (Please be prompt in payment. We don’t want to make coming to class an embarrassing or uncomfortable experience for you by the need to publicly remind you about payment during class, nor do we relish having to remind or pester anyone about past-due payments. We all want to put our energies into the real reason we’re here, the t’ai chi practice.)
* Monthly cost varies based on the number of classes and type:
Beginning & Mixed Level Taiji (unlimited attendance)
Weapons/Advanced/Push-hands & most other special classes $60/mo
- OR - If taken in combination w/any other classes
Senior or TCA/TCH classes (unlimited attendance)
Qigong & Meditation (12-week session)
$180/full class or $20/wk
Private and Semi-private lessons $75/hour+
-cost can be shared by up to three students!
* We do not prorate or refund for missed classes. Instead, we encourage you to make up absences by attending another class during the same month. If you know IN ADVANCE that you will need to miss one or two classes during the month, you may pay at the weekly rate of $25 per week for those weeks you will be present.
* Private and semi-private lessons are available at a cost of $75 per session. Sessions run between 1 and 1-1/2 hours, depending on the material. Cost can be shared by up to three students.
* The cost for workshops and other special classes is set on a case by case basis.
* Student is required to purchase his/her own weapon for all weapons classes. Please see your instructor prior to purchase. We will try to arrange group purchases at discounted prices whenever possible. NOTE: All weapons mus be approved by the instructor to ensure they are of good quality, safe, and appropriate for class use.

Walla Walla Wen Wu School of T'ai Chi

Mailing Address Only:

  962 Hobson Street
  Walla Walla, WA99362

Phone: 509-529-7501

E-mail: info@wenwuwallawalla.com

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