2003 Memorial for Master Kuo Lien-Ying
2003 Memorial for Master Kuo Lien-Ying
Walla Walla Wen Wu School of T'ai Chi
Walla Walla Wen Wu School of T'ai Chi
We're building a gallery of our taiji friends and students in Single Whip - and some other taiji postures - as we travel around the world. Check back for periodic updates.
Nick, Sophie, and Lynn on top of the mountains overlooking Albuquerque, NM.
Nick, Julie, Tom, Lynn, Randy, Sophie - Single Whip on the beach in San Francisco
Dot performs Single Whip in New Zealand
Lynn and Deb at the 2008 Gran Fondo in Walla Walla
Here's Dot in New Zealand again ... way up there!
Nick, Tom, and Randy: Snake Creeps Down & Monkey Offering up the Fruit.
Lynn on the Tea Garden Bridge. Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.
A group of Grandmaster Henry Look's students at the 2009 Memorial for Kuo Lien-ying.

Walla Walla Wen Wu School of T'ai Chi

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